Festival Friday

During this term we have been looking at different cultures and comparing and contrasting their celebrations, food, language, clothing and various other things.  We talked about the different cultures we have in our own class and the connections that our families have to places in the world.

This culminated in “Festival Friday” where the children made, at home, flags from a country or countries that they had a connection with.  We started the day with a school parade.  At school we made party hats and shared a delicious lunch wuth many of the dishes being associated with various countries. 

The children really enjoyed being able to talk to the each other about the different traditions and celebrations they have within their own family.  Thank you to everyone who made this such a success 🙂

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Today our class was hosting school assembly.  We have been learing about Jesus. He is like our older brother. Jesus is our special friend. We drew pictures to show the different ways that Jesus cares for us.

Jesus’ Party

In Religious Education, we have been learning about Jesus.  We have talked about where Jesus lived, the games he may have played, the clothes he would have worn and the food he would have eaten.  Today we got to dress up like children from Jesus’ time and we all sat together to try some of this food.  It was great fun and we got to try some new tastes.  Thank you to the Mums and Dads who helped make this learning experience possible for the children.

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Children’s Day – Kodomo no hi

In Japan, families make and fly carp shaped wind socks called koinobori for Children’s Day on May 5th.  It is a day to celebrate children and honour their mothers.  The reason that carp is siginificant is because of the Chinese legend that a carp that swims upstream becomes a dragon, and the way the flags blow in the wind looks like they are swimming.  We made our own carp wind socks and flew them yesterday.

5 senses re 040

Art Workshop

Today we went to Grace Hall for our art workshop with Mrs Lloyd.  We learnt how to draw a kereru (native wood pigeon).  Take a look at our wonderful masterpieces 🙂

I liked drawing the bib on my bird.  By Aimee.

5 senses re 024

I liked feeling the stuffed bird models.  By Keane.

5 senses re 026    

 I liked touching the stuffed birds.  By Akevanta.

5 senses re 037

My favourite part was showing everyone our pictures.  By Alyssa.

5 senses re 035

I liked drawing the tail because it is so white.  By Josie.

5 senses re 034

I liked doing the neck with the shapes.  By Brianna.

5 senses re 036

My picture looked good.  By Oliver.

5 senses re 033

I liked the bird models.  By Thomas.

5 senses re 032

I liked when I got to draw the bird because I got to draw a lot of things.  By Francis.

5 senses re 031

I liked drawing the wings because you can draw such a lot of things on them.  By Jennifer.

5 senses re 030

My favourite part was the tail because we had to draw down and then bumpy with our pencils.  By Amelie.

5 senses re 029

 I liked drawing the beak because we pressed lightly with the pencil.  By Danni-Lee.

5 senses re 028

I liked drawing the beak because it wasn’t too hard.  By Joseph.

5 senses re 025

Clown Day

Last Friday, Ms Gunson came to teach us for the day.  We learnt all about clowns and the things they do.  We made clown faces and wrote clown stories and we even got our faces painted like a clown!


Our 5 senses

In Religious Education we have been learning about the special gifts God gave us.  He gave us these gifts so we can enjoy life.  They are our 5 senses.  Today we were learning about the sense of taste.  We tried all different sorts of food to see what they tasted like and what they felt like.  We decided that some of them tasted better than others.

5 senses re 001

5 senses re 002 

5 senses re 004

Look at us!!

We were very excited this morning because we now have a new sandpit in our kainga koa.  We are also getting some tonka toys to play with in there.  Look how many of us were in there this morning before the rain came 🙂

first day 2010 102

We have also got 6 computers in our class.  We love playing with the Letterland programme best of all.  There are so many different activities on there for us.

first day 2010 105